About CA Cruising

Image of the California Redwoods

Our team consists mostly of Californian locals, but we are also a group of adventurers and travelers who believe that having insider knowledge enhances the experience of visiting a place. So, we decided to document the state’s best places to visit, things to do, and accommodations. After mapping out beautiful California, we built a platform and company to help visitors (and locals) plan, organize, and execute their trip to the Golden State. 

Our Philosophy

Some of the best parts about traveling are discovering hidden gems, learning about the culture, and appreciating the true beauty of the location. While it is possible to do this with your own research and curiosity, having a helping hand from a local and travel agency ensures that you don’t miss out on having a once in a lifetime trip. 

How We Work?

Image representing Central Cost

Step 1: Curiosity

Image representing Norcal

Step 2: Engagement & Innovation

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Step 3: Exploration

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